The DEEP2 Redshift Survey

Introduction to the DEEP2 Survey

The DEEP survey is a two-phased project using the Keck telescopes to study the distant Universe. Phase 1 used the LRIS spectrograph to study a sample of ~1000 galaxies to a limit of I=24.5. This project was executed by the UCSC team and is a pilot program for the phase 2 effort. Phase 2 of the DEEP project is using the new DEIMOS spectrograph to obtain spectra of ~50,000 faint galaxies with redshifts z > 0.7. The scientific goals are to study the evolution of properties of galaxies and the evolution of the clustering of galaxies compared to samples at low redshift. The survey is designed to have the fidelity of local redshift surveys such as the LCRS survey, and to be complementary to ongoing large redshift surveys such as the SDSS project and the 2dF survey. The DEIMOS/DEEP or DEEP2 survey has been executed with resolution of R ~ 5000, and we measure linewidths and rotation curves for a substantial fraction of the target galaxies. DEEP2 will thus also be complementary to the VLT/VIRMOS Deep Survey, which will survey more galaxies in a larger region of the sky but with much lower spectral resolution and with fewer objects at high redshift.

This major survey is a collaboration between astronomers at UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and the University of Hawaii. Faculty engaged in the survey include Marc Davis (PI), Sandra Faber (PI of DEIMOS), David Koo, Raja Guhathakurta, Nick Kaiser, and Ger Luppino. The project includes many collaborators from outside of the Keck community, including Andy Connolly and Alex Szalay.

Instrument  DEIMOS spectrograph on Keck II
Fields Four,  each 120' by 30' 
Field Centers: 14 17, +52 30 Groth Survey Strip region
(field to be 120'x15', no color cuts used)
16 52, +34 55 Zone of very low extinction
23 30, +00 00 On SDSS deep strip
02 30, +00 00 On SDSS deep strip
Principal Redshift Range  0.75 < z < 1.4, preselected using BRI photometry  
Grating and Spectra 1200 l/mm, 6500-9100Å useable range  [O II] 3727Å visible for 0.77 < z < 1.42
Resolution 1"" slits, FWHM = ~68 km/s at z = 1
Total Nights 80 (UC LMAP allocation)
Useable Months April - October
Start/End date Spring 2002 / Summer 2005


The DEEP2 Survey and Followup Plans

DEEP2 1-Hour Survey (1HS) 
3-Hour Followup Survey (3HS)
Number of Target Galaxies 
Number of Redshifts 
Number of Keck Nights
Exposure time
1 hour
3+ hours
Magnitude Range
RAB < 24.1
% Sampled to Magnitude limit
% Redshift Success
% Linewidth Success
> 50% 

DEEP2 Members

Name Position Location
Marc Davis Faculty UC Berkeley
Sandra Faber Faculty UC Santa Cruz
Jeffrey Newman Faculty University of Pittsburgh
Michael Cooper Faculty UC Irvine/CGE
Puragra Guhathakurta Faculty UC Santa Cruz
David Koo Faculty UC Santa Cruz
Andrew Phillips Research Staff UCSC
Alison Coil Faculty UC San Diego
Nick Kaiser Faculty UH Manoa
Gerard Luppino Faculty UH Manoa
Andrew Connolly Faculty University of Washington
Greg Wirth Research Staff Keck Observatory
Andrew Connolly Faculty University of Washington
Doug Finkbeiner Faculty Harvard
Brian Gerke Research Staff LBNL
Renbin Yan Faculty Kentucky
Charlie Conroy Faculty UCSC
Ricardo Schiavon Research Staff Gemini Observatory
Ben Weiner Research Staff University of Arizona
Christopher Willmer Research Staff University of Arizona
Jennifer Lotz Staff Scientist STScI
Kamson Lai Postdoc UC Santa Cruz
Susan Kassin Postdoc GSFC
Aaron Dutton Postdoc MPIA
David Rosario Postdoc MPE
Anne Metevier Faculty Sonoma State
Justin Harker Postdoc UC Santa Cruz
Kai Noeske Staff Scientist STScI
Nick Konidaris Postdoc Caltech
Brian Lemaux Postdoc OAMP
Lihwai Lin Research Staff ASIAA Academica Sinica


Funding for the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey has been provided in part by NSF grant AST00-71048 and NASA LTSA grant NNG04GC89G.

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