DEEP3 Galaxy Redshift Survey


The DEEP3 redshift catalog includes 7270 entries, with 24 fields (or tags) per entry. A description of each tag is given in the "ztags" primer. We package the catalog as a BINARY TABLE in a standard FITS file, but also provide a version formatted as a space-deliminated ASCII table. This file includes only those slitmasks designed as part of the principal survey (i.e. masks 5000 - 5135) ⎯ a handful of extra slitmasks were observed towards the completion of the main survey (masks 6000-6103), utilizing a distinct target selection and tiling scheme. The redshifts from these masks are included in the joint DEEP2/DEEP3 catalog below.

Redshift Catalog (FITS BINTABLE): deep3.egs.2012jun13.fits.gz

Redshift Catalog (ASCII TABLE): deep3.egs.2012jun13.ascii

The DEEP3 Redshift Catalog
Combined DEEP2/DEEP3 Redshift Catalog

Below is a redshift catalog that includes both the DEEP2 and DEfEP3 catalogs in one file. Slitmasks observed as part of DEEP2 span mask numbers 1100 - 1445, while DEEP3 corresponds to 5000 - 5135 (plus additional masks numbered 600 - 6103, described below). This combined catalog contains contains 25,666 entries, following the same format as the above catalogs. Note that the DEEP2 and DEEP3 observations differ in their resolution (R ~ 5000 for DEEP2 and R ~ 2500 for DEEP3) --- this obviously translates into a difference in the resulting redshift precision for the two data sets. Note that the files below include additional DEEP3/DEIMOS observations not included in the main DEEP3 sample. These extra masks (6000-6103) were designed to target galaxies at z > 1, using an IRAC color-cut to preselect sources. Information regarding target selection can be provided by Michael Cooper upon request.

Redshift Catalog (FITS BINTABLE): alldeep.egs.2012jun13.fits.gz

Redshift Catalog (ASCII TABLE): alldeep.egs.2012jun13.ascii

Note that these redshift catalogs include all spectroscopic targets regardless of whether an accurate redshift was measured; only objects with redshift quality (ZQUALITY) greater than or equal to 3 should be treated as having a reliable redshift measurement. Also, be sure to note that while there are 25,666 entries in the redshift catalog, some objects were observed multiple times (to test redshift accuracy, etc.) and the redshift catalog contains 23,822 unique objects. In addition to the full catalog, here we provide a trimmed, unique redshift catalog which removes duplicated objects (keeping entries with higher redshift quality where appropriate):

Redshift Catalog (FITS BINTABLE): alldeep.egs.uniq.2012jun13.fits.gz

Redshift Catalog (ASCII TABLE): alldeep.egs.uniq.2012jun13.ascii

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Note that the redshift catalogs below include rest-frame photometric information (absolute B-band magnitudes and rest-frame U-B colors). These values are computed using the K-correction developed by Christopher Willmer (see Willmer et al. 2006).

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