DEEP3 Galaxy Redshift Survey


For each of the 25,655 entries in the redshift catalog, we provide a corresponding one- and two-dimensional spectrum. The spectra are grouped below in tarballs according to slitmask number. Here, we provide the spectra from both DEEP2 and from DEEP3 --- recall that they differ in their resolution and wavelength range. For DEEP3, each slitmask was observed for approximately 1 hour (3 x 1200sec), utilizing the 600 lines/mm grating centered at 7200Å and the GG455 order-blocking filter with 1” slitwidths. For DEEP2, the observational set-up differed in that the 1200 lines/mm grating was used with a central wavelength of 7800Å and the OG550 order-blocking filter. The raw DEIMOS data were reduced using the DEEP2 DEIMOS spec2d pipeline.

The 1-d and 2-d spectra are packaged in [gzipped] FITS files with the following filename coventions: and slit.mmmm.nnnB/R.fits.gz, where mmmm = the  slitmask number, nnn = the slit number, id = the DEEP2 object ID number given in the redshift catalog, and B/R = the Blue or Red half of the 2-d spectrum (the DEIMOS data are reduced chip-by-chip with each spectrum spanning two CCDs). Each of  the tarballs unpacks to produce directories denoting the mask number and observation date (e.g. 5000/2008apr08/) with the 1-d and 2-d spectra inside. Each tarball is roughly 1.5-2GB in size.

Masks 5000 - 5004: mask.5000-5004.tar

Masks 5005 - 5009: mask.5005-5009.tar

Masks 5010 - 5014: mask.5010-5014.tar

Masks 5015 - 5019: mask.5015-5019.tar

Masks 5020 - 5024: mask.5020-5024.tar

Masks 5025 - 5029: mask.5025-5029.tar

Masks 5030 - 5031: mask.5030-5031.tar

Masks 5100 - 5105: mask.5100-5105.tar

Masks 5110 - 5115: mask.5110-5115.tar

Masks 5120 - 5125: mask.5120-5125.tar

Masks 5130 - 5035: mask.5130-5135.tar

DEEP3 Spectra

DEEP2 Spectra

NOTE: The entire DEEP2 spectral database in the EGS is public as part of the DEEP2 Data Release 4.

If there are any missing files (or files with non-standard naming conventions), send email to Michael Cooper (cooper -at-

For access to DEEP2/DEEP3 data products, contact Michael Cooper (cooper -at-