DEEP3 Galaxy Redshift Survey


The DEEP3 Galaxy Redshift Survey (an extension of the DEEP2 survey) is a recently-completed Keck/DEIMOS spectroscopic campaign focused on the Extended Groth Strip (EGS). DEEP3 includes observations of 56 DEIMOS slitmasks, tiling the central portion of the EGS and building upon the 120 slitmasks observed in the EGS as part of DEEP2. In total, DEEP3 targeted ~7500 sources, yielding ~5000 secure redshifts. Here, we provide details regarding the target selection, observations, and data reduction. In addition, we make available a preliminary redshift catalog as well as sky-subtracted one- and two-dimensional spectra of each target. For more details regarding the survey and these data products, follow the links at the left.

Any questions regarding DEEP3 or regarding access to data products on this website should be directed to Michael Cooper (cooper -at-