DEEP3 Galaxy Redshift Survey


For any publication making use of these data, the following acknowledgment should be included:

Any questions regarding DEEP3 can be directed to Michael Cooper (cooper -at-

Acknowledgment --- Funding for the DEEP3 Galaxy Redshift Survey has been

provided by NSF grants AST-0808133, AST-0807630, and AST-0806732.

Some relevant references for the DEEP2 and DEEP3 Surveys are given below:

Description of DEIMOS:

        Faber et al. 2003, SPIE, 4841, 1657

Description of the DEEP2 Survey:

        Davis et al. 2003, SPIE, 4834, 161

        Davis et al. 2007, ApJ, 660, 1

        Newman et al. 2013, ApJS, 208, 5

Description of the DEEP3 Survey:

        Cooper et al. 2011, ApJS, 193, 14

        Cooper et al. 2012, MNRAS, 419, 3018