DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey

The DEEP2 DR4 Photometric Catalogs

For information regarding the contents of the photometric catalogs and how to read the FITS files, refer to the photometry reference page.

Data Release 4

The DEEP2 Data Release 4 includes photometric catalogs spanning the entirety of all four DEEP2 survey fields, thus covering all of the DEIMOS slitmasks included in DR4. The photometric data were taken with the CFH12K camera on the 3.6-meter Canada-France-Hawai'i Telescope (Coil et al. 2004). Each DEEP2 field is covered by multiple CFHT/CFH12K pointings with each pointing numbered within its respective field as illustrated on this sky coverage map. Separate photometric catalogs for each CFH12K pointing are available for download as BINARY TABLES stored in compressed FITS files with each filename following the form pcat.fp.fits.gz, where f specifies the field number and p specifies the pointing number within the field (each compressed FITS file is ~3MB in size):

Extended photometric catalogs were developed by Matthews et al. (2012), supplementing the existing DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey photometric catalogs with ugriz photometry from two other surveys: the Canada-France-Hawaii Legacy Telescope Survey (CFHTLS) and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). In DEEP2 pointing 14, where the CFH12K data are poor, these catalogs also include predicted BRI photometry based on the CFHTLS-Wide measurements. In addition, these extended catalogs contain SDSS-frame astrometry for all DEEP2 objects, and should be used for applications where relative positions versus other catalogs or astrometric systematics on scales >1’ matter. For more information, refer here.