DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey


DEEP2 DR4 Group Catalog: deep2.dr4.groupcat.fits.gz

DEEP2 DR4 Group README: deep2.dr4.groupcat.README.txt

The DEEP2 DR4 Group Catalog

Data Release 4

The following catalog, which is described in detail in Gerke et al. (2012), contains groups of galaxies identified in the DEEP2 DR4 dataset using the Voronoi-Delaunay Method (VDM) group-finder (originally implemented by Marinoni et al. 2002; this catalog uses a version similar to that of Gerke et al. 2005). Note that this DR4 catalog includes groups in the Extended Groth Strip (EGS) in addition to the other three DEEP2 fields. The formatting of the data tables contained in the FITS file is explained in the associated README file. For any publication utilizing the DR4 group catalog, please reference Gerke et al. (2012).

The DR4 group catalog differs from that of Gerke et al. (2005) in that the group-finding algorithm was calibrated on the latest DEEP2 mock catalogs, which include color-dependent incompleteness and the color-density relation. As in Gerke et al. (2005), the VDM parameters for theDR4 catalog were calibrated so that the recovered group catalog accurately reconstructs the distribution of groups in redshift and velocity dispersion for dispersions above 350 km/s. For further details, refer to Gerke et al. (2012).