DEEP2 Data Release 3
The fourth data release (DR4) for the DEEP2 galaxy redshift survey is now available, including the previously released data from DR1, DR2, and DR3. Documentation and download instructions for DR4 are available here.

The recently-completed DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey provides the most detailed census of the Universe at z ~ 1 to date. The survey targeted ~50,000 distant galaxies in the redshift range 0 < z < 1.4, utilizing the DEIMOS spectrograph on the Keck II telescope. Data Release 3 (DR3) constitutes the third public data release for the survey and includes redshift and imaging catalogs in addition to 1-d and 2-d spectra spanning all four survey fields. DR3 is also the first release of data in the Extended Groth Strip (EGS), the subject of the AEGIS multiwavelength survey. Unlike other DEEP2 fields, objects at z < 0.7 were not excluded from selection in the EGS. In addition to encompassing the roughly 300 slitmasks released as part of DR1 and DR2, Data Release 3 spans an additional ~100 DEIMOS slitmasks, which were observed during the 2003-2005 DEEP2 observing seasons (data collected May 2003 - July 2005).

The DR3 Data Products Page provides details regarding the contents of data release 3 and links to all public data products available for download. The FAQ page may help in answering common questions regarding DR3. Please refer to the credits page for a list of our sources of funding, participating institutions, and how to acknowledge the use of DEEP2 data in publications.

For questions regarding the DEEP2 Data Release 3, please contact Michael Cooper (cooper "at" and Jeffrey Newman (janewman "at"

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